Get Ready!


Setting up your rolling station

1. Clear a workspace and set out your kit’s contents

2. Open at least one of your wines and serve

3. Pour each topping onto separate plates

4. Separate the paper cups

5. Open the brigadeiro containers (except the Brigadeiro Spread if you have it) and reserve a spoon for each

6. Prepare a wipe or paper towel and a small bowl of water or butter for your hands

Let’s Do It!

Filling: Wet or lightly butter your hands. Scoop some brigadeiro from the container and gently roll it in your hands until it is round. Roll quickly or it will become too soft to work with.

Decorating: Choose one or more toppings and roll your brigadeiro in the topping/s on the plate until evenly covered. Roll it gently in your hands to make sure the toppings are firmly attached to the brigadeiro. Place it in a paper cup. And that’s it. To pair, take a generous bite of your brigadeiro and a small sip of wine. Notice how the flavors blend together. Repeat often!

Bonus: For extra decoration and fun, fill one of your pipettes with the wine or a different liquor and stick it into a brigadeiro. To eat, just squirt the pipette into your mouth and then take a bite of the brigadeiro. Yum!


If your brigadeiro filling is too soft to roll, refrigerate for 30 minutes.

Start simple. It’s easier to blend flavors if you use 1 topping at a time.

For the best flavor experience, cleanse your palate between sampling brigadeiros. Sparkling water, a slice of apple, or water with lemon work well.

The brigadeiro spread (included in the Party Kit) is great to use on toast or baked goods. You can also warm it in the microwave for 10 seconds and turn it into a pourable sauce for ice cream!

You can use a pipette to fill your chocolate shell with a jam or liquor (Bailey’s, brandy, and orange liqueur work well!) or stick a filled pipette directly into a brigadeiro as decoration. The pipettes can be cleaned and reused.

Wine And Chocolate Pairing

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