Taste and Texture

Choose a style from the following options: Sweet, salty, spicy, sweet & sour, subtle, fruity, smooth, crunchy. Make three different brigadeiros with that in mind.

The Unexpected

Chocolate pairs with some surprising flavors. Find some pantry staples like salt, olive oil, spices, and breakfast cereal and try mixing it with your brigadeiro. Create the most surprising, yet delicious, pairing you can!


Set up a brigadeiro tasting flight. Start with a fruit-flavored brigadeiro and finish with dark chocolate. Taste a brigadeiro, then have a sip of wine. Close your eyes, swirl it in your mouth and savor the combination. Note the flavors and at the end, compare. Experiment to find your sweet spot!

The Chocolate Challenge

Set a timer for 15 minutes. Choose any chocolate, toppings, props, or pantry ingredients to make the most impressive brigadeiros. Present your creations and vote for the best ones.

The Chef & The Taster

The chef creates a brigadeiro, and the taster does a blind tasting. Pair up and take turns. The taster earns 1 point for identifying the center and 1 point for the topping. The winner gets to be called “chocolatier” for the rest of the day.

Brigadeiro Story

Compete to see who can create the best Instagram-worthy photo shoot. Style your brigadeiros with props and backdrops. Tell a story about the scene.

After 10 minutes, vote for the funniest, prettiest, and most creative photos.

Share your creations with the world! Tag us on Instagram at @tinybchocolate.

Wine And Chocolate Pairing

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