Chocolate Egg Creativity Challenge

Once the chocolate shells are ready, set a timer for 15 minutes. Choose any brigadeiro, toppings, props, or pantry staples to make the most creative chocolate egg. Present your creations and vote. Award categories could include: Best Overall, A for Effort, Best Sales Pitch, Most Colorful, Best Use of Tools, Most Original Flavor Combination.

Pantry Pairing

Try mixing and matching your brigadeiro centers with other pantry staples like spices, salt, cereals, cookies, candies, and nuts to see if you can come up with a fun new combination. Or perhaps you can try mixing the brigadeiro in your coffee or hot chocolate or spreading it on a cookie to see how the flavor profile changes.

Explore Taste and Texture

Foods can take on a number of different flavor and texture profiles when mixed together, such as sweet, salty, spicy, sweet & sour, fruity, classic, smooth, crunchy, and more! Choose 3 different flavor profiles and try to make 3 different brigadeiros with that in mind. What’s the most surprising flavor combination you can come up with? See how creative you can be!