Get Ready!


Setting up your rolling station

1. Pour each topping on to separate plates.

2. Separate the paper cups.

3. Open the jars of brigadeiro (except the Brigadeiro Spread) and reserve a spoon for each.

4. Have a paper towel or wipe available.

5. Prepare a small bowl of water or a bit of butter for your hands.

6. On a clear table, place in order: water, 3 jars of brigadeiro, plates with toppings and paper cups.

Wet or lightly butter your hands. Scoop chocolate from a jar of your choice and roll it in your hand until round. Roll quickly or it will start to melt. Choose a topping and roll your brigadeiro in the plate until evenly covered. Roll it one more time to make sure sprinkles are not sticking out. Place it in a cup. That’s it—taste, repeat, and enjoy! Some classic flavors for inspiration: milk chocolate and sprinkles, dark chocolate with nuts, dark chocolate with coconut.


A standard brigadeiro is 1 1/4″ across, but start with a smaller size as a sampler.

For the best flavor experience, cleanse your palate between sampling brigadeiros. Sparkling water, a slice of apple, or water with lemon work well.

The Brigadeiro Spread (if you have the Classic Kit – Party Size) is too soft to roll. Pop in the microwave for 10 seconds and spread it on fruit, toast, ice cream, etc.

It’s easier to blend flavors if you use one topping at a time.

Chocolate Making Experience

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