Brigadeiro-Filled Cookie

For many, chocolate chip cookies bring back memories of childhood. They’re one of the classic desserts. When I was growing up in Brazil, brigadeiro chocolate had the same appeal – they will always remind me of childhood birthdays and parties.

tinyB’s brigadeiro-filled cookies are my way of fusing these two delicious traditions into something new and fun.

Hopefully they’ll start a tradition all their own.

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Classic Kit

  • 382g Cookie Mix

Brigadeiro Spreads
6oz jar of Dark Chocolate Brigadeiro Spread

Classic Vegan Kit

  • 382g Vegan Cookie Mix

Brigadeiro Spreads
6oz jar of Vegan Dark Chocolate Brigadeiro Spread

Please store the Cookie Mix in a cool, dry place. It should be used within 12 months from date on package. ​

Please refrigerate the chocolate (blue paper cup) on arrival for maximum freshness and ease of use.

Unopened jars of chocolate will be fresh for 3 weeks at room temperature and 3 months if refrigerated.

After opening, brigadeiro spread jars will stay fresh for at least 2 weeks if refrigerated and up to 6 months in the freezer.​

All tinyB items are compostable or recyclable

TinyB is a CO2 neutral company

Food Allergy Warning

Please note that our Cookie Mix is made using Almond Flour. If you are allergic to any tree nuts, please note that our facility is NOT a nut-free facility.

Instructions and ideas

Step-by-step video instructions


Nutritional Facts

4oz jar of Dark Chocolate Spread

4oz jar of Vegan Brigadeiro Spread

Cookie Mix